Lucia Sargenti

Lucia Sargenti, the voice of Love Beats, has extensive live experience in musicals, with original and cover formations (including Mondo Candido, Martinicca Boison, Vocal Blue Trains, and Saverio Lanza) as a soloist, chorus singer, and pianist. She studied in Los Angeles with Elisabeth Howard and graduated in jazz composition and arrangement from the "Cherubini" Conservatory in Florence. She is the president of the 4quArti Cultural Association in Florence and the director of the Solo Per Voice choir.

Simone Marrucci

"Simone Marrucci, guitarist of the Love Beats, with an initial training in jazz, graduated with honors from the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles. With his unique musical ability, he has worked with some of the biggest Italian pop/rock artists, including Paolo Vallesi, Umberto Tozzi, Irene Grandi, Anna Oxa, Biagio Antonacci, Syria, and Alessandro Canino. Simone is also the founder of the Lounge/Pop group Mondo Candido, with which he has released 6 albums distributed worldwide and participated in many compilations, including Buddha Bar 5."

Giacomo Ferrari

"Giacomo Ferrari is a talented pianist and keyboardist specializing in contemporary music. He studied modern piano and deepened his knowledge of vintage electromechanical keyboards and synthesizers. With a wealth of experience, Giacomo has collaborated with artists of various musical genres from Pop to Gospel such as Davide Van De Sfroos, Train De Vie, De Pookan, The Strange Flowers, Silenizio E' Sexy, Francesco Guasti, Trini L. Massie, JNR Robinson, Alana Alexander, Keith Moncrief, Nikki Porter, Mia Cooper, and Music For Elevators, Great Queen Rats."

Gianmarco Colzi

"Gianmarco Colzi, a versatile drummer and artist with a long career in the music industry. As a drummer, songwriter, and singer, he has played with some of the biggest names in the Italian music scene, including Litfiba, Rock Galileo, Irene Grandi, and many others. Gianmarco is also the founder of Musikalmente, the largest music center in Florence, where he runs his own music school and handles arrangements and production for independent artists. Additionally, through his Bumper Muz label, he produces and distributes music from emerging artists for Believe Digital."

Lorenzo Forti

Lorenzo Forti, the band's bassist, has a career rich in experiences ranging from pop music to classical music. He approaches the electric bass at the age of 16 and plays with internationally famous artists such as Andrea Bocelli, Gianni Morandi, Laura Pausini and Irene Grandi. In addition to publishing three books on bass study, Lorenzo lived in London for three years collaborating with many English scene bands. He is also a graduate in classical double bass from the prestigious "Cherubini" Conservatory in Florence.